MRS Health Inc

Revolutionizing Population Health

The Problem

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) cost over $850 billion annually and are the #1 reason for disability claims and lost workdays. Opioid use to combat MSD pain is out of control. MSD is the leading cost for most self-funded companies exceeding cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Current MSD diagnoses and treatments lack standardization and have high recurrence rates.

The M.R.S. Solution

Introducing a comprehensive program that includes Predictive Analytics, Functional Restoration and Telehealth. Our proprietary technologies result in clinically proven and objectively measured outcomes. Past programs have resulted in ROI of greater than 3.5 to 1. We guarantee savings.

Predictive Analytics

The M.R.S. analytics system intakes on-going medical and pharmacy data to provide year-round risk surveillance of the employer population in order to intercept risk migration and act promptly. We utilize pre-established algorithms in combination with supervised learning AI to segregate the “at risk” population. Financial savings and condition stabilization included in actuarial and outcomes reports. Annual ROI analysis will measure program performance.

Functional Restoration

Our scientifically proven center-based program utilizes proprietary technology and IT platforms. Optimized and isolated biomechanics allow for reduction in pain and increases in strength, range of motion and endurance. The M.R.S. health care team is comprised of physicians, physical therapists, exercise physiologists, massage therapists and health coaches.


For rural and outlying employees, we provide a home care program with connected strengthening devices for spine and orthopedics. We are the only company with connected home devices that provide biomechanically optimized strengthening for back and neck. This equipment is easily transported to the home for rural and outlying employees who cannot get to the clinics. Devices for knees, shoulders and hip will be available later.

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