MRS Health Inc

A comprehensive program including Predictive Analytics, Functional Restoration and Telehealth

Our first step is to perform an analysis of your claims data and present a customized solution for your overall population and at-risk MSD employees. We provide ongoing surveillance with monthly monitoring of the medical and pharmacy data. The high risk / high cost patients are directed to our center and telehealth based Functional Restoration programs for intervention with effective and proven outcomes. 

Our Guarantee: If participating employees re-enter the health care system for MSD treatment during our one-year program up to 100% of the program cost will be refunded.

A Comprehensive Solution for MSD Prevention and Recovery including a proprietary Workers Compensation Program

Most employers that are OSHA regulated must have robust health & safety programs in place. The purpose of these programs is to prevent work related injuries. The majority of the worksite injuries involve back, neck, shoulders, or knees. MRS Health is a comprehensive musculoskeletal risk management solution to help corporations in both preventing injuries and treating Musculoskeletal Disorders in the most optimum manner and with a speedy return to work.

Often the personnel of any employer may have pre-existing health issues putting them at greater risk of experiencing work-site injury. Through preliminary data mining, MRS can determine who is “at risk” of developing musculoskeletal problems. Once identified, these target employees are entered into a protocol that will reduce the individual’s symptoms and prevent future injury through functional restoration.

Rapid response to injury rehabilitation lowers the probability of an employee’s short- or long-term disability. For those employees who have experienced a spine or orthopedic-related injury at work, we offer a center- or telehealth- based program covered by your Workers’ Compensation insurance.


The key advantages of utilizing the MRS system for reducing employee’s expense are:
  • Identify “at risk” employees
  • Avoid costly surgeries and other procedures with our proven prevention and recovery program
  • Avoid long-term disability claims by getting employees back to work fast
  • Reduce re-insurance rates on Workers’ Compensation by having an injury prevention system in place
  • Treat injured employees at the near-site state of the art centers, or in the comfort of their own homes