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Revolutionizing Home Care for Back and Neck

Revolutionizing Home Care for Back and Neck

Introducing the first connected devices for lumbar and cervical strengthening at home. Targeting Workers’ Compensation and Home Care. We are the only company with connected home devices including optimized and isolated biomechanics to effectively reduce pain and increase strength, range of motion and endurance. This equipment is easily transported to the home for rural and outlying employees who cannot get to the clinics.

Challenges in Home Based Spine Care

Home based physical therapy services are rarely optimally delivered. Treatments are often designed randomly using methods that are either no longer recommended by medical guidelines or are carried out with sub-optimal devices.

Producing services is expensive and difficult to scale economically. Treatment success is difficult to reproduce because it is highly dependent upon the individual therapist’s skills.

Latest medical guidelines strongly recommend exercise therapy as the first-line-treatment for musculoskeletal disorders instead of passive care modalities or surgeries.

The First Connected Device for Low Back Strengthening at Home

M.R.S. offers a comprehensive home care platform which offers an answer for these challenges. The treatment can be easily individualized with high quality results due to automated protocol planning, feedback based adaptive loading progression and pain monitoring throughout the program. Remote monitoring, automation, bio-feedback controlled self-training and cloud-based quality control system increase client compliance and significantly lower treatment costs.

M.R.S. Health Home Care

The M.R.S. Health Home Care Solution utilizes a physiologic variable resistance technology that enables maximal strengthening throughout the range of motion of the muscle groups, compensating for the change of strength.

The Solution is available for lumbar spine mobilization and strengthening through proprietary exercise and IT tools. The system is able to measure strength, endurance and mobility improvement with real-time monitoring of home care patient compliance and improvement

Optimized biomechanics

The M.R.S. Back Home Care Solution includes a specific device for treatment of low back with optimized biomechanical properties. Using correct hip fixation and axis alignment, scientifically proven loading curves and target area isolation, these devices are remarkably gentle to the back yet providing highest possible neuromuscular training effect.

All movements should start with limited range and low loading, within the pain tolerance. Time is essential since physiological changes are slow. Ideal treatment should run for three months.

Ease of Use

With all the sophistication in the devices and software, the M.R.S. Home Care devices are remarkably easy to use. When the device is delivered to patient’s home the therapist adjusts the seats and other support elements according the patient’s needs. When the patient registers to the device with an RFID card the individualized care program is retrieved from the cloud. After the first instructed session, and with the help of the monitoring clinician, patients master quickly the use of the system.

Technology for Telemedicine

All M.R.S. home care units are connected to the cloud-based information system enabling remote monitoring of the patient’s daily activity and progress.  All treatment and questionnaire data is instantly available for reporting and analysis. With one click, up-to-date status of any patient can be retrieved. The home care device accurately measures and collects all aspects of medical exercise including range of motion, training weight, speed, number of repetitions, and calculates patient’s treatment compliance.

Comprehensive Treatment Program

The employer or a physician refers the patient for use of our devices, and a patient specific treatment program is developed. The device is delivered to the patient’s home and the patient is trained on how to use the system.

The patient completes the 90-day program 7 times per week. All data is gathered and stored for real-time monitoring and reporting. A clinician monitors and provides guidance and support for the patient as needed. When the treatment program is completed, the equipment is picked up from the patient’s home.

Advanced training technology. Cloud-based software for guidance. Control and data gathering.