MRS Health Inc



Our objective is to design the technology so user friendly that anyone can use it without outside help after basic instructions. This is challenging since safety and effectiveness require precise adjustments for different body types and sizes and firm fixations to ensure proper isolation and movement control. As a consequence rehabilitation devices are normally so complicated that physiotherapists are needed to make the typical 5 to 6 adjustments and fix patients into devices.

We have succeeded in solving this challenge by using smart technical solutions. Actuators take care of major adjustments based on retrieved position information from the cloud. Minor adjustments are automatic using either gas springs or linearly sliding cushions. Body fixations are done using mostly lockable gas springs which provide easy, quick and firm isolation of the target joint. All elements users need to touch are yellow for easy recognition. Our devices can be patient operated without assistance and positions are always correct.

The other challenging part in the use of rehabilitation devices is to ensure correct training. Training includes several variables that need to be fine tuned individually and followed by the patient. Variables like loading, start and end positions of the movement, speed of movement, duration, number of sets and loading and range progressions are critical for correct “dosage”. Mistakes can easily happen with any of these variables and even with close supervision by therapists does not guarantee correct compliance.

With clear and colorful terminals for visual guidance and intelligent, cloud software which provides up-to-date, location independent and individualized data, these variables are always in control and correct. Use of the devices and following programs without therapists assistance is easy and empowering and automatically collected data provides the level of compliance in real time.