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Predictive Analytics with Prescription Drug Management

The M.R.S. analytics system intakes ongoing medical and pharmacy data to provide year-round risk surveillance of the employer population, in order to intercept risk migration and act promptly. The M.R.S. analytics system utilizes pre-established algorithms in combination with supervised learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) to segregate the “at risk” population. Financial savings and condition stabilization will be the targeted dependent variables for actuarial and outcomes reports. Annual ROI (Return on Investment) analysis will measure program performance.

The M.R.S. Turnkey Process for lowering your Musculoskeletal spending

M.R.S. Data Analytics

M.R.S. Rx Prescription Drug Cost Reduction Program

The M.R.S. Rx solution is designed with the aim of delivering deep Rx discounts for Employers and their Employees. Our proprietary Evidence-Based Prescription Drug Management program can save up to 25% on medication costs.

We start with an initial evaluation of the employer’s Pharmacy Benefit and Utilization Experience. We review the Pharmacy Plan Design with a comprehensive evaluation of paid claims data to recommend improved Patient Care, Cost Containment, and Drug Coverage Strategies

As the next step we provide Ongoing Surveillance and Management of the Drug Pipeline and Pharmacy Benefits. We cover the new drug pipeline and existing drug categories including traditional pharmaceuticals and specialty drugs. We then coordinate with the health plan and with PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Managers) to incorporate recommendations into the plan design. Furthermore, we provide oversight to ensure that the claims process appropriately.