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M.R.S. Neck - Cervical Extension, Flexion and Rotation

Exercise movements similar to movements in real life. Neck Rotation in Sitting or Lying Position. Mobilizes the cervical spine in a transversal plane activating the typically neglected rotating muscles of the head.

Neck Flexion / Extension in Sitting or Lying Position mobilizes extension of the cervical spine activating extensor muscles. Mobilizes extension and lateral flexion of the cervical spine activating extensor and lateral flexor muscles.


NH Neck – Cervical Extension, Flexion and Rotation

Standard training modes include neck flexion, extension, and rotation
Comfortable, and natural movement for neck strengthening and mobilization
Clinicians can easily add or reduce weight as needed compensating for the change in strength and physical challenges
Available in the future: Sensors to measure ROM and head angle, Cloud storage of data with mobile access based on the David EVE system

Target Muscles

  • Superior trapezius
  • Splenius capitis
  • Splenius cervicis
  • Semispinalis capitis
  • Longissimus capitis
  • Longissimus cervicis
  • Interspinales cervicis
  • Semispinalis cervicis
  • Sternocleidomastoid
  • Scalene anterior
  • Scalene middle
  • Scalene posterior
  • Splenius capitis
  • Splenius cervicis
  • Rectus capitis posterior major
  • Obliquus capitis inferior
  • Multifidus