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Introducing revolutionary spine and orthopedic care in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Something new and revolutionary has arrived to Tulsa, Oklahoma. The brand-new Nordic Health clinic in Tulsa was established in August 2019. We occupy 4000 sq ft on the 1st floor of the Tulsa Hills Medical Center. Our facilities include dedicated patient evaluation, treatment rooms, and space for device-based training.

Nordic Health offers a physician-driven and patient-centric treatment program for those with musculoskeletal pain. The center utilizes state-of-the-art DAVID technology, which includes a full set of 17 devices specifically optimized for the spine, hip, knee, and shoulder therapy. With this technology, we use questionnaires, physical evaluations, and testing to individualize each treatment program to match the person and his or her needs. Our solution is proven successful in helping reduce pain, increase strength and mobility, and most importantly enhance the quality of life of each individual.

DAVID devices at the Nordic Health Tulsa center

Technology that takes out the guesswork

In just a few short months, we have seen hundreds of patient visits and have been able to help many with their spine and orthopedic problems.

The patients love the results of their individualized treatment prescribed by our friendly and passionate therapists. The high-tech devices with touch screens may be intimidating for some at first glance, but our patients are often surprised at how easy it is to use the devices. By the third visit, a person can easily understand and use the devices and train independently. In fact, automatic adjustments take the guesswork out of the equation and patients can trust they are training using the right posture and position. And after just a few visits, one can already feel strength and mobility improvements in going about their daily life.

I have had multiple spine surgeries. Even with traditional physical therapy, I was unable to twist and bend.  After a few visits at Nordic Health, my mobility has greatly improved and continues to improve with each additional visit.  The machines are just phenomenal.  I walked in here in pain and hunched over and walked out tall and straight and “whistling Dixie.”  I love the fact that the machines remember me from workout to workout.  I have significantly improved since starting therapy at Nordic Health.

Timothy Lopez
Nordic Health patient

The efficiency of work as a physical therapist

Our patients are not the only ones with high satisfaction – our professional physical therapists love the program too. They can focus on patient motivation and well-being, while modern technology takes care of the repetitive work precisely and safely. Each training session is automatically recorded while the patient trains. This helps our therapists understand how patients are improving and helps them make better treatment choices. With so much information available, therapists can also show patients their improvements to help motivate them further.

Physiotherapists Nordic Health Tulsa

Our therapists Karen and Amy love their work at the Nordic Health and being able to help so many patients

Therapists have been surprised to see how different and effective their work has become utilizing the unique program and user-friendly technology. Amy, the head Physical Therapist of the Nordic Health Tulsa center, feels that the center is truly something revolutionary. “Throughout my career, I have seen different treatment programs and all kinds of therapy gadgets. Never before have I been so convinced of the efficiency of my work. I can see it in the happy faces of my customers, hear it in their feedback, and it all is confirmed with the clinical outcome reports from the Nordic Health EVE system”.

We are off to a great start and expect to rapidly grow our clientele and personnel. In fact, during 2020 we plan on expanding our center to change more lives and fight against musculoskeletal pain, one simple Nordic Health visit at a time.