MRS Health Inc


Equipment design principles

The end-user experience is the ultimate driving force for us when designing new products. Naturally we have to think about costs, maintenance and other client (facility owner) related matters, but they should never supersede the end user needs. This philosophy is perhaps not the fastest way to high sales volumes but in the long run it has built us a reputation few companies in the world can match. There are three main requirements for each design and they are always implemented in this order:

No 1 Safety

For us safety represents much more than just the matters in quality certifications. Most devices today are safe in this sense. For us safety means that training should create positive results in your body and not negative effects, like strained muscles and hurting joints.

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No 2 Effectiveness

Within the safety limitations all exercises should be as effective as possible. This has been always the primary goal in our equipment design. To achieve this our technology partner David Health Solutions has participated and initiated research on various areas for a quarter of a century.

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No 3 Usability

The third objective is to make the use of the technology a positive experience and so user friendly that anyone can use it without outside help after instructions.

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